Adele, the multi-Grammy award-winning artist, has her sights set on a new chapter once her Las Vegas residency concludes—and it doesn't involve another album. During a recent performance at her "Weekends With Adele" show at Caesar's Palace, the "Easy On Me" singer shared her hopes to expand her family.

"Once I am done with all my obligations and all of my shows, I want to have a baby," Adele revealed, according to TMZ. "I want a girl because I've already got a boy."

Adele, who reportedly married sports agent Rich Paul in a private ceremony last year, has been open about her desire to be a mother again. Frequently referring to Paul as her "husband" during concerts, she has expressed her excitement about having a daughter. "I feel like she might be like the person I love the most in the world, but also probably hate the most in the world—that is what I feel will happen. She's going to put me in my place all the time, isn't she?" Adele mused.

Adele shares an 11-year-old son, Angelo, with her ex-husband Simon Konecki. While Angelo has always kept her hands full, Adele anticipates that a baby girl might bring a different dynamic. "With me as her mother and Rich as her father, she's going to be a bossy little queen, isn't she?" she joked.

The "Rolling in the Deep" singer has even started preparing for her potential daughter's arrival by compiling a list of baby names. "I've actually been writing lists," she mentioned during another performance. "So every time I see a name that I like, I write it down in my phone."

Aside from her son, Adele also plays a significant role in the lives of Paul's three children. His daughter, Reonna, recently graduated from Clark Atlanta University, and Adele sent her congratulations during a show. "I love you, darling. Congratulations," she said. "They're celebrating her ... and obviously I'm here with you—wouldn't be anywhere else—but I love you, baby. I love you!"

Despite her plans for motherhood, Adele has quelled any speculation about a new album. Earlier this year, she stated at a concert that she would not be releasing another album for "quite some time," according to Forbes. However, she reassured fans that when she does release new music, it will be accompanied by a world tour.

Adele's Las Vegas residency, "Weekends With Adele," recently resumed after a five-week hiatus due to a vocal injury. The setback forced her to cancel her March and April shows, but she is now back on stage with performances scheduled through November. Additionally, she is set to perform a 10-show residency in Munich later this year at a specially constructed stadium.

Adele's return to the stage has been eagerly anticipated by fans, who have missed her powerful performances and emotional ballads. Her residency in Las Vegas has been a major draw, showcasing her immense talent and stage presence. As she balances her career with her personal aspirations, Adele continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

While the future holds the promise of new music and more live performances, Adele's focus on family and motherhood underscores her desire for a fulfilling life beyond the spotlight. Her candidness about her personal life has endeared her to fans, who support her journey both as an artist and as a mother.

As Adele navigates this exciting phase, her fans eagerly await what comes next. Whether it's a new album, a world tour, or the addition of a baby girl to her family, Adele's star continues to shine brightly.