Prince William was accused of cheating on Kate Middleton with their friend, Rose Hanbury last year.

And the allegations all started after Giles Coren, of The Time of London, posted a cryptic tweet on his social media account. Coren’s tweet is very simple because he just confirmed Prince William and Hanbury’s affair.

Coren also said that even though he hasn’t read any of the reports about Prince William cheating on Middleton, he’s aware of the affair.

According to Gossip Cop, Prince William’s cheating rumors refused to die since Middleton was pregnant with Prince Louis at that time. And another reason was that Hanbury was made out to be a close friend of Middleton’s or even her best friend.

As such, the tabloids decided to exploit these facts to convince their readers that Prince William cheated on Middleton while she’s pregnant, even if he didn’t.

Shortly after the infidelity claims came to light, reports swirled that Middleton and Hanbury cut ties with each other. Since they are no longer friends, the best and most sensible reason is because of Hanbury’s alleged affair with Prince William.

Prior to this, the Duchess of Cambridge allegedly encouraged her husband to phase out Hanbury out of their circle. Since not much is known about Middleton and Hanbury’s alleged feud, the tabloids decided to concoct a story suggesting that the falling out had something to do with Prince William.

And since Prince William’s dad, Prince Charles had a history of cheating while he was married to Princess Diana, the tabloids claimed that the second in line to the throne could follow in his dad’s footsteps. However, one must remember that cheating and infidelity doesn’t have anything to do with someone’s genes since it’s a choice.

As of late, there is still no confirmation that Prince William cheated on Middleton. Or that Middleton and Hanbury really had a falling out. However, the speculations still haven’t died down because the parties involved have not addressed them.

And the fact that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge didn’t file a lawsuit against the tabloids spreading the cheating claims convinced more people that the allegations are real.

On the online forum site Quora, Jules Gillespie said that the royal family doesn’t like filing lawsuits. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case since Prince William and Middleton just threatened Tatler with a lawsuit after their Catherine the Great story was published.