The Trump family, once a united front in American politics and business, now finds itself embroiled in a complex and bitter feud that could have far-reaching implications for the former President Donald Trump's ambitions and legacy. At the heart of this family drama are two central figures: Ivanka Trump, the President's eldest daughter, and Melania Trump, his third wife and former First Lady.

Their rivalry, characterized by deep-seated animosity and conflicting interests, has reportedly escalated to a battle over control of Trump's significant fortune, estimated at $3 billion.

Palace insiders have painted a picture of a family divided, with "cruel insults, petty cheap shots, and dirty tricks" marking the interactions between Ivanka and Melania. "Melania and Ivanka hate being in the same room — and never speak except to hiss catty comments," revealed a source, underscoring the depth of their enmity that dates back to the very first moment they met.

Ivanka, 42, reportedly views Melania, 53, as nothing more than a "gold-digging opportunist," unfavorably comparing her to her mother, Ivana Trump, a Czech-born socialite.

Melania, on the other hand, allegedly refers to Ivanka dismissively as "The Princess," perceiving her as a "spoiled brat" with an unchecked sense of entitlement. This familial strife is further complicated by the question of inheritance, with Ivanka and her brothers, Donald Jr. and Eric, considering themselves the rightful heirs to their father's empire, relegating Melania's son, Barron, to a lesser portion.

The power dynamics within the Trump family took on a new dimension during Donald Trump's presidency, with Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, serving as trusted advisers. This development effectively sidelined Melania from significant discussions about government policy and the family's business dealings, exacerbating the existing tensions.

Ivanka's ambition to assume many of the traditional responsibilities of the First Lady, envisioning herself as a "modern-day Jackie O," collided head-on with Melania's determination to safeguard her role. "Melania may have given the impression she didn’t care about being first lady," an insider noted, "But she was privately obsessed with any mention of herself in the media."

This silent battle for recognition and influence reached a peak when Melania notably wore a jacket with the message "I really don’t care, do u?" during a visit to detained migrant children in 2018, a move insiders claim was aimed at Ivanka's aspirations.

The fallout from this internal conflict has led to both Ivanka and Melania stepping back from active involvement in Donald Trump's political endeavors, particularly his potential 2024 run against incumbent Joe Biden. Despite Trump's efforts to reconcile the two, insiders suggest that the dispute ultimately boils down to financial interests, especially in light of recent legal and financial setbacks faced by the Trump organization.

As the Trump family navigates this tumultuous period, the rift between Ivanka and Melania not only threatens the cohesion of their familial bonds but also casts a shadow over Donald Trump's political and business future. "Donald isn’t even dead and they’re already fighting for every last nickel," lamented an insider, capturing the essence of a dispute that transcends personal grievances to touch upon the very legacy of the Trump dynasty.