Kanye West's wife, Bianca Censori, was recently spotted adopting a more conservative style, a stark contrast to her previous daring fashion choices. The change came after reports surfaced that her father, Leo Censori, expressed concerns over West's influence on her wardrobe. The couple was seen leaving the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Paris, with Censori donning a long-sleeve purple shirt paired with black tights, a departure from her earlier, more revealing outfits.

According to sources cited by Page Six, Censori's more modest attire did not compromise her style but marked a significant shift from her earlier, more provocative looks that raised eyebrows during their Paris outings. West complemented his wife's look with a casual, all-black ensemble, topped with a leather Balenciaga jacket.

The change in Censori's fashion comes amid allegations from her family that West has been showcasing her as a "trophy pony," leading to discomfort and concern within her family circle. An insider close to the Yeezy designer reportedly told the Daily Mail that Censori's father is eager for a sit-down with West to discuss his daughter's public image and the implications of her recent fashion choices.

The source alleged that Censori's father wants to confront West on why he would endorse such revealing outfits for his wife, questioning how West would react if his own daughters were dressed similarly by their partners. The family's apprehension stems from a perceived shift in Censori's image since her marriage to West, with her father reportedly seeking to remind West of the importance of protecting and respecting his wife's dignity.

This family tension underscores a broader conversation about the dynamics within West and Censori's relationship, particularly concerning control and autonomy in personal expression. Previous sightings of Censori in sheer attire without underwear sparked controversy and led to reports that West's ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, had intervened, urging West to ensure Censori dressed more appropriately around their children.

As the couple navigates these complex personal and public spheres, the recent adjustments in Censori's wardrobe might signal a new phase in their relationship, one that balances personal expression with familial and societal expectations. The ongoing developments continue to captivate public attention, highlighting the intricate interplay between celebrity, fashion, and family values.