Selena Gomez, the internationally acclaimed pop star, has been in the spotlight not just for her chart-topping hits but also for the swirling rumors and controversies surrounding her personal life.

The singer's mother, Mandy Teefey, recently addressed the pressures her daughter faces online, emphasizing the importance of taking breaks from social media to maintain mental health.

Gomez's hiatuses from platforms like Instagram have become a coping mechanism against the relentless scrutiny and backlash she encounters, some of which stem from alleged feuds with other celebrities such as Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner, and others related to her comments on global issues like the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The supposed tension between Gomez and Bieber reignited when fans speculated that a TikTok video posted by Bieber and Jenner was a subtle dig at Gomez. The situation escalated, leading to a public clarification from Bieber, who insisted that the video was merely a product of a casual girls' night out and not intended to target anyone.

The narrative took a turn when Gomez expressed her stance on the Israel-Palestine situation, urging for peace and expressing her sorrow over the violence. This move, however, was met with criticism from some quarters of the internet, who argued that Gomez could leverage her significant online influence more effectively.

Gomez's frequent retreats from social media highlight a broader conversation about the impact of online negativity on celebrities' well-being. Her mother's comments shed light on the singer's approach to self-care, underscoring the need for public figures to step back and prioritize their mental health amidst the often overwhelming world of internet fame.

As the most-followed individual on Instagram, Gomez's every move is scrutinized, making her social media breaks a necessary respite from the constant barrage of opinions and expectations.

This ongoing saga involving Gomez, Bieber, and Jenner, coupled with the backlash over Gomez's political comments, illustrates the complex dynamics celebrities navigate in the digital age. The balance between maintaining a public presence and protecting one's mental health is delicate, and Gomez's strategy of taking periodic breaks from social media serves as a case study in managing the pressures that come with global fame.