Looking for a side project that can bring in some extra revenue in 2024? Building and launching a website can be the perfect project to learn something new or explore your interests. For instance, if you love travelling, consider creating a travel blog to share your experiences. You can easily turn your website into a steady income stream.

When starting a website, the first consideration is finding a reliable web hosting provider. A good web hosting service optimises the performance of your website. When choosing a web hosting service, you must understand your website needs. If you are starting an online store, the features you require differ from what a blog needs. You should research and compare hosting providers to find the most suitable provider. Check key features like performance and security. You need web hosting that provides advanced security, especially if you run an online store. If it is a DIY project, a web hosting company providing domain name registration simplifies website-building. You also want a hosting provider that can handle growth. When you have a hosting provider, here are the website ideas to consider.

Affiliate Marketing

You can create an affiliate site that promotes products in a specific niche. For best results, focus on a niche and market products your audience is interested in. For instance, if you write articles about fashion, you can include affiliate links from online stores and get paid for successful sales.

Job Sites

It’s no secret that there’s always demand for quality job boards. Many job sites lack organisation, and finding jobs is difficult. If you can create an organised job site with a clean website design, you will stand out. You can simplify job searching and provide a better user experience for job seekers and employers. With job sites, you can easily monetise them by charging a fee to post jobs.

Membership Websites

If you are already blogging and have great content, you can turn your site into a membership website. Online users can subscribe or pay a membership fee to access premium content. Give your audience a taste of what’s available to entice them to pay membership fees to access exclusive content.

Online Learning Websites

While you can host your online courses on various platforms, launching your site can reduce expenses. Offering an online course related to top college majors on your site is likely to get you more visibility compared to launching from a larger online course platform. However, you need good SEO optimisation to stand out.

E-Commerce Websites

Selling items online through an online shop or store is a great side project that can generate significant revenue. Due to the numerous e-commerce websites, you will be joining a competitive space. It doesn’t mean you can’t be successful. You need a solid brand identity, a great niche and SEO knowledge.

If you have great ideas to share online, building a website is the best side project for you. People love personalised content and reading real-life experiences, making blogging an exciting prospect. You can also monetise the website and earn some revenue.