In a startling revelation, a Russian soldier has accused President Vladimir Putin of recklessly sending untrained and unequipped young recruits, some as young as 18, to the front lines of the Ukraine conflict. A video circulating on social media, originally shared by Ukrainian internal affairs adviser Anton Gerashchenko, captures the soldier's candid condemnation of the Russian military's practices.

The soldier, speaking on behalf of the Kamchatka Battalion, asserts that these young recruits, referred to as "children," were thrust into combat with minimal training and insufficient ammunition. “They've been on the firing range for four days,” he says, highlighting the lack of preparation faced by these troops. The soldier's grievance is not just about the lack of ammunition but extends to basic necessities like food, drink, and essential equipment.

"We have no food, no drink, no radio, no thermal cameras. We buy radios at our own expense," the soldier laments in the video. This complaint underscores the dire situation of Russian forces, where soldiers are left to procure even the most fundamental gear with their own money, including warm clothing and gear like thermal imagers.

The financial strain on these soldiers is evident as the soldier points out the cost of a thermal imager, which is beyond their means. "One thermal imager costs 180,000 rubles. We can't afford even one thermal imager," he states, painting a bleak picture of the Russian military's logistical and supply chain failures.

This video comes in the wake of other disturbing reports from the Russian front. Earlier footage hinted at confusion among Putin's young troops, with incidents of friendly fire. Additionally, there have been allegations of rampant drug use among Russian soldiers, with a synthetic substance known as "salt" reportedly leading to hallucinations and paranoia.

In a particularly grim turn of events, Russian soldiers found inebriated or under the influence were said to be assigned to a special unit called "Storm Z." Described as a death sentence, this unit is reportedly deployed on highly dangerous missions, further underscoring the perilous and desperate conditions faced by Russian forces in Ukraine.

The soldier's impassioned plea in the video sheds light on the harrowing reality of the Ukraine warfront, where young, inexperienced, and poorly-equipped recruits are being sent to face a brutal and unforgiving conflict. This account raises serious questions about the Russian military's strategy and the human cost of the ongoing war in Ukraine.