Kim Kardashian opened up about seeking therapy before the end of her marriage to Kanye West. In a recent interview, Kardashian, 43, shared insights into her personal journey, including her attempts at therapy and the challenges of parenting. Her approach to therapy was unique, focusing on child psychology to gain better parenting insights. Kardashian emphasized the importance of her support system, crediting her close-knit group of friends as a significant source of strength and guidance.

The reality star's marriage to rapper Kanye West, 46, ended in 2021 after six years. Post-divorce, Kardashian appears to be thriving, finding a newfound confidence and assurance in her abilities as a single mother. Her sister, Khloé Kardashian, noted this transformation, highlighting Kim's realization of her inner strength and independence.

Kim's longtime friend, Allison Statter, shed light on the emotional turmoil Kardashian faced during the divorce. Statter revealed that Kardashian was deeply concerned about the impact of the split on her family, particularly her children. Despite these fears, Kardashian's decision to end the marriage was a testament to her courage and determination to seek a better life for herself and her children.

Kardashian also spoke about the role of her Christian faith in navigating life's challenges. She views life events as lessons, guiding her toward her destined path, even when the journey seems unclear. This spiritual perspective has been a cornerstone in managing the complexities of her life.

Reflecting on her childhood experience of her parents' divorce, Kardashian shared how it influenced her approach to discussing her own divorce with her children. She emphasized the importance of being open, loving, and sensitive to her children's needs, ensuring they feel heard and understood. Kardashian's focus remains on maintaining a positive and supportive environment for her children, avoiding negativity even in times of personal stress and sadness.

This intimate glimpse into Kardashian's life reveals her resilience and commitment to her family's well-being, showcasing her journey through personal challenges and growth.