In a recent incident that has sparked widespread criticism and controversy, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a notable figure in American politics and a vocal anti-vax advocate, was ridiculed for his unconventional behavior on a flight. Kennedy, who is currently running for president, was photographed walking barefoot to the bathroom on a flight from Portland to Dallas. This act, which many consider a breach of basic hygiene and etiquette, especially in the confined space of an airplane, has led to a flurry of negative reactions from the public.

The photograph, which was published by TMZ, shows Kennedy Jr. in a casual attire of jeans and a T-shirt, conspicuously without shoes during his November 2 flight. This image quickly went viral, drawing a range of reactions from the public. One person expressed their disgust bluntly, stating, "DISGUSTING!! What sort of person walks BAREFOOT down a plane aisle — in first class, no less. Even worse, it was on his way to the toilet! RFK Jr. is a really strange dude." Another comment hoped for a karmic retribution of sorts, "Hope he catches some flesh-eating bacteria or something he's not vaccinated for. What a gross little weirdo. I hate shoes I wouldn't FATHOM doing this."

The incident has added another layer to the already complex and controversial public image of Kennedy Jr. Known for his staunch anti-vaccine stance, he has been a polarizing figure, particularly in the context of the recent global health crisis. His decision to run for president has not only drawn criticism for his political views but also for his personal conduct, as evidenced by this latest episode.

Kennedy's presidential campaign has been marked by challenges, including a lack of support from his own family, a fact that he has publicly acknowledged. "It was very painful for me. I mean, I, you know, I was raised in the Democratic Party. My father, and my uncles were with leaders of the party. You know, our relationship with the Democratic Party goes back generations," he expressed in an episode of Fox & Friends. His departure from the Democratic Party and decision to run as a third-party candidate reflect his disillusionment with the current political landscape, which he perceives as being dominated by corporate interests and paralyzed by partisan conflicts.

Despite his controversial views and actions, Kennedy Jr. has emphasized the need for unity and a focus on common values among Americans. He believes that despite the polarization, there is more that unites people across the political spectrum, including the desire for a clean environment, good education for children, and effective regulatory agencies that serve the public interest.

Kennedy's barefoot incident on the flight, while seemingly trivial, underscores the scrutiny public figures face and how their personal behavior can impact their public and political image. As he continues his campaign for the presidency, it remains to be seen how this incident and his unconventional views will influence his political journey and the reception he receives from the American public.