The British monarchy, an institution steeped in tradition and protocol, finds itself at a crossroads, grappling with the modern challenges posed by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's unorthodox departure and their subsequent actions. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's estrangement from the royal family has been a subject of global intrigue, marked by public statements and actions that seem to deepen the divide.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams expressed to the press that the royal family and its courtiers are likely on edge, uncertain of what the Sussexes might do next. This sentiment comes in the wake of Prince Harry's comedy sketch video release, which coincided with King Charles III's historic opening of Parliament—the first by a monarch since 1950. The timing of the video, which overshadowed a significant moment for the King, has been perceived by some as a deliberate move by the Sussexes to assert their presence in the media spotlight.

The Duke of Sussex's video was not the only instance of such timing. Speculations of a deliberate pattern emerged when news about the Sussexes not receiving an invitation to King Charles' 75th birthday surfaced just hours before the King's first speech to Parliament. Such actions have fueled discussions about the trust—or lack thereof—between the Sussexes and the royal household.

The possibility of further literary works from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle looms over the royal family. Rumors suggest Meghan is set to pen her memoirs, while Harry's potential sequel to his memoir "Spare" could delve deeper into his royal experiences. Fitzwilliams hinted at a four-book deal with Random House, which could mean more revelations are on the horizon. The royal author also noted that the couple's deal with Netflix might hinge on their continued relevance post-"The Crown," especially if their output remains sparse.

Polls in America indicate a shift in public perception, with some beginning to question the couple's motives. The Sussexes' desire for an apology from the royal family adds another layer of complexity to their future relations. As the Duke and Duchess navigate their new roles outside the royal framework, the monarchy must contend with the unpredictable nature of this modern saga.

Meghan's forthcoming autobiography is expected to be a financial success, potentially earning her tens of millions of dollars. The book is anticipated to explore her life before royalty, her time in Hollywood, and her experiences within the royal family. Meanwhile, Prince Harry has revealed that an additional 400 pages were cut from "Spare," which could provide ample material for a sequel.

As the royal family continues its centuries-old traditions, the world watches as the Sussexes chart a new course—one that could redefine or further complicate their relationship with the monarchy.