In a recent interview, Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of former President Donald Trump, made bold claims about the intentions of prosecutors handling his father's ongoing legal battles. Speaking with Newsmax host Eric Bolling on Monday, October 30, Trump Jr. expressed his belief that there is a conspiracy against his father to seek the most severe sentences possible.

Trump Jr. is scheduled to testify in his father's New York fraud trial on Wednesday, November 1. He described the upcoming testimony as a continuation of what he perceives as a "sham" trial. He pointed to instances where he believes bias has been evident, citing Michael Cohen's alleged perjury as an example. "We’ve seen the bias, we’ve seen, you know, Michael Cohen lie under oath, literally get caught, literally perjured himself in front of— you know, admitted perjury beyond what he already went to prison for," Trump Jr. stated.

He went on to criticize the handling of the trial, referring to it as a "kangaroo court." He argued that the rules, the Constitution, and general business practices are being ignored in favor of a predetermined narrative against his father. "They have a narrative, they have an end goal, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get there," he insisted.

In the same interview, Trump Jr. also made allegations regarding the Biden family's business dealings, suggesting that there were questionable financial transactions involving the Chinese government. "I think the people understand that. They see what Joe Biden is doing. You see the checks, you see the wire transfers, you wonder why the grandchildren are getting checks from the Chinese government," he alleged. He further claimed that while these issues are overlooked, there seems to be a disproportionate focus on prosecuting his father. "Our mainstream media, the people in DC, unwilling to ask it, but they want to throw Trump in jail for a thousand years and/or the death penalty," he told Bolling.

The upcoming testimony of Trump Jr. is not the only one that has garnered attention. It was recently revealed that Ivanka Trump's testimony, initially scheduled for Friday, November 3, has been postponed to Wednesday, November 8. She is expected to be the final witness called to testify in court. Despite attempts by her lawyer, Bennet Moskowitz, to have her subpoena dismissed based on her non-residency in New York since 2017, the judge ruled that she would still need to appear in court.

The backdrop to these events is the lawsuit filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James against Donald Trump, the Trump Organization, and several of its executives, including Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, in 2022. The lawsuit, amounting to $250 million, alleges misrepresentation of the worth of their properties and other assets in financial documents. Earlier this year, Judge Arthur F. Engoran found them liable for fraud in connection to these allegations.