In a recent development, Ivanka Trump, the former First Daughter, has been granted additional days to prepare for her testimony in her father, Donald Trump's, civil fraud case. Initially scheduled to testify in New York City on Friday, November 3, the date has now been postponed to Wednesday, November 8.

Judge Arthur Engoron, who confirmed the rescheduling, had previously denied Ivanka's initial attempt to avoid testifying in the case. If proceedings go as anticipated, Ivanka, aged 43, will be the concluding witness. Her brothers, Eric, 39, and Don Jr., 45, along with their father, Donald, are expected to testify earlier in the same week.

The lawsuit in question was filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James, targeting Donald Trump, his company, and its executives, which include his two eldest sons. The lawsuit, amounting to $250 million, alleges that Donald Trump and his company inflated their assets to secure loans and business deals.

Ivanka's attorney, Bennet Moskowitz, had initially tried to have her subpoena dismissed, arguing that she hasn't resided in New York since 2017. However, State Attorney Kevin Wallace countered this by emphasizing her role in the Trump Organization and her ownership of properties in New York. Judge Engoron sided with Wallace, asserting that a trial is a pursuit of truth and that the law is entitled to every individual's evidence.

Donald Trump, the former President and host of The Apprentice, expressed his discontent with the decision on Truth Social, a social media platform. He claimed that the judge was biased against him and that the case should never have commenced. He further argued that his financial statements were understated, not overstated, and that all banks were fully paid without any defaults. He emphasized that there was no victim in this case, except for himself.

In the midst of these legal proceedings, Ivanka Trump has been trying to distance herself from the political arena. Last year, she announced her decision to step back from politics to focus on her family, which she shares with her husband, Jared Kushner, 42. This announcement came shortly after rumors surfaced about her father's intention to run for office again.

"I love my father very much. This time around, I am choosing to prioritize my young children and the private life we are creating as a family," Ivanka stated. "I do not plan to be involved in politics. While I will always love and support my father, going forward I will do so outside the political arena."

In response to this, Donald Trump claimed he never wanted his daughter and son-in-law to be part of his 2024 presidential campaign. He expressed his sentiments on Truth Social, stating that he specifically asked them not to be involved, citing the harshness of the political world and the media.