Rudy Giuliani, once lauded as America’s Mayor for his leadership in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, now finds himself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. A $10 million sexual assault lawsuit has been filed against him in the Manhattan Supreme Court by Noelle Dunphy, a business consultant who worked for Giuliani for two years. This comes as a further blow to Giuliani’s already tarnished reputation following his contentious role as former President Donald Trump’s lawyer during the 2020 election.

Dunphy, 43, alleges a series of shocking instances of sexual misconduct against Giuliani, now 78. Among her claims are being coerced into performing oral sex while he conversed with Trump on the phone, an expectation of sexual gratification "anytime, anywhere", and frequent indecent exposure brought on by regular consumption of Viagra. Additionally, she accuses Giuliani of maintaining a continuous state of intoxication and of selling pardons for $2 million, purportedly to be shared with Trump.

Giuliani has dismissed Dunphy's extensive 70-page complaint as unfounded, alleging she "fleeces wealthy men". However, Dunphy maintains that Giuliani subjected her to sexual assault and harassment during her time of employment from 2019 through 2021. She further claims that Giuliani failed to pay her $2 million in agreed wages.

Dunphy's lawsuit paints a disturbing picture of her time working for Giuliani, alleging forced attire of “American flag” short-shorts, mandatory nudity during video calls, demands for “violent sex”, and frequent references to her as his “daughter,” due to the 35-year age gap between them. She also alleges that Giuliani entertained peculiar political sex fantasies.

According to Dunphy, the sexual abuse began soon after her employment started, with one instance involving forced oral sex following her shower. Dunphy asserts she never consented to intercourse, but eventually ceased resisting due to Giuliani's relentless pressure.

The lawsuit also mentions alleged audio evidence, which includes Giuliani confessing his attraction to a 20-year-old employee, and making sexist, anti-Semitic, and racist remarks. Dunphy claims that Giuliani would call her up to 53 times a day.

Giuliani's spokesperson, in response to the lawsuit, has confirmed that Giuliani and Dunphy had a romantic relationship, but denies her ever being employed by him. The spokesperson insists that Giuliani "vehemently and completely denies" the allegations and will vigorously defend himself against the charges. They described the lawsuit as "pure harassment and an attempt at extortion".