The grand finale of "The Voice" season 23, aired this Tuesday, has stirred a wave of discontent among audiences. Viewers are criticizing the producers, accusing them of overshadowing the crowning of the season's winner by excessively highlighting Blake Shelton's farewell from the show.

Shelton, the 46-year-old country music sensation, has been integral to "The Voice" since its premiere in 2011. However, his farewell in this season's finale took up a lion's share of the program, leading to discontent among viewers.

Host Carson Daily dedicated several segments of the show to honor Shelton's accomplishments on "The Voice", including a retrospective of his victories and his well-known romance with Gwen Stefani, which kindled on the show. The finale was further enhanced by sensational performances from the finalists and their coaches, alongside special appearances by guest artists.

Yet, as the evening wore on, a pattern began to emerge: an undue focus on Blake Shelton's departure. The realization led to an outcry on social media, particularly Twitter, as reported by The Sun.

An upset viewer tweeted, "As a potential finalist of this season, I feel slighted because the finale has been focused solely on Blake's departure. It's like the other contestants have totally been forgotten - we get it that he is leaving!"

Similarly, another viewer voiced her concern saying, "I have a hunch that this season is likely to be settled in Blake's favor, although Gina Miles has done a great job and I'm certain she deserves the win. She earns my vote."

These sentiments echoed across social media as another viewer claimed, "The amount of people casting their ballot for Gina is remarkable, so it would be absolutely unfair should Blake's team