Donald Trump, the former US president, has asserted that he alone can forestall the outbreak of a potential World War 3, assuring that he will "establish peace" globally and in Europe, according to

Trump took to Truth Social early Sunday, May 21, boasting of his ability to maintain global peace as he vies for the Republican nomination in the 2024 presidential race.

In a post to his 5.2 million followers, Trump stated, "Under [President Joe] Biden's watch, the world is inching ever closer to a nuclear conflict. Only I can prevent a potential World War 3. I am determined to cease the bloodshed and violence and instate peace in Europe and globally!"

His post also featured an excerpt from a New York Times article discussing Biden's recent decision to permit the training of Ukrainian pilots to operate F-16 fighter jets. This move, initially resisted by Biden to avoid exacerbating Russia tensions, now seems to be under reconsideration.

Trump has consistently projected himself as the single solution to the Russia-Ukraine crisis, even stating that if he were in power, the conflict would be resolved within a day.

At a CNN Town Hall earlier this month, Trump skilfully evaded answering whether he wished for Ukraine to emerge victorious from the ongoing strife.

Trump, speaking to Kaitlan Collins, expressed, "My wish is for the cessation of fatalities. Both Russians and Ukrainians are perishing. I want this to stop."

At Saint Anselm College, Trump informed the assembled audience that he doesn't frame his perspective in terms of "winning or losing... but rather in terms of reaching a resolution that halts the incessant killing."

He also indicated that he wouldn't pledge to provide assistance to Ukraine, which has been severely impacted by the conflict, if he were to be re-elected.

"We are depleting our stockpile of equipment. We are running short of ammunition," he stated during the Town Hall, implying that the US needs to conserve resources for its own needs.

According to early polls reported by RealClearPolitics, Trump is ahead in the Republican Primaries, with a commanding 56.3% lead, while his nearest potential competitor, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, trails with 19.4%.

In the race between Trump and Biden, the former president currently leads by a narrow margin of 1.4 points.