Golf icon Tiger Woods is reportedly facing a difficult period in his life, grappling with both health problems and a legal battle with former girlfriend Erica Herman.

A source close to Woods revealed to Radar that he has "hit rock bottom" after Herman sued him for $30 million in an attempt to nullify a previous non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Additionally, Woods is struggling with health issues that have taken him away from the sport he adores.

The insider stated, “Between his crippling injuries and shattered love life, Tiger has hit rock bottom — again. He’s been beaten down mentally, physically, and spiritually." They added, “Now he’s got no one to lend him support when he’s dealing with all his injuries and setbacks. Worse than that, he knows she’s furious with him and is hellbent on revenge — and the money she believes she’s owed.”

The 47-year-old golf legend had to withdraw from last year's U.S. Open Golf Championship due to ongoing back pain. As a result, Woods had to reconsider his training for the 2023 tournament, which has brought him to a new low.

During a press event on Thursday, April 6, Woods confessed, "I don’t know how many more I have in me." He emphasized the need "to appreciate the time that I have here and cherish the memories."

Woods, who is also recovering from injuries sustained in a 2021 car crash, admitted, "I think my endurance is better but it aches a little bit more than it did last year just because at that particular time when I came back, I really had not pushed it that often. I just have to be cognizant of how much I can push it."

Regarding the legal dispute with his ex-girlfriend, Woods appears to feel cornered. An insider shared, "Tiger feels like this is another shakedown. He doesn't want another scandal."

The source added, "There's a lot of panic right now. No one wants the details of a long relationship to be made public."