After delivering an address commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, former President Bill Clinton made a surprise visit to a popular Northern Ireland pub, where he mingled with guests and posed for photos.

According to, Clinton stopped by the Tap House pub on April 18, where he was seen with Colum Eastwood, leader of Northern Ireland's Social Democratic and Labour Party. Clinton also posed for a photo with Eastwood's wife, Rachael Eastwood, who appeared thrilled to meet the former president.

As traditional music played in the background, patrons of the pub enjoyed pints of Guinness and engaged in friendly conversation. Earlier that day, Clinton had spoken at the John and Pat Hume Foundation's "Making Hope and History Rhyme" event in Londonderry's Guildhall, where hundreds gathered to hear him speak.

Many of those in attendance were eager to take selfies with the smiling former president, who seemed more than happy to oblige. In his address, Clinton paid tribute to John Hume and David Trimble, two men who risked their lives and careers for peace in April 1998. He also remembered Lyra McKee, who was tragically killed in Creggan four years ago.

"I loved and admired them both, but what they stood for is alive in your lives," Clinton said during his speech. "Now you, like them, must decide what to do about it." He also emphasized the importance of standing up for one's beliefs, stating, "if we believe something, we need to be willing to stand for it as long as we draw breath."

Just a week prior, former First Lady Hillary Clinton had been in Londonderry, where she visited Limavady High School. During her visit, she unveiled two benches to celebrate the new shared education campus with a neighboring school.