Hollywood actor Brad Pitt's benevolent act towards a 105-year-old neighbor has been revealed.

On April 6, US entertainment media 'People' unveiled an interview with actress Cassandra Peterson detailing the behind-the-scenes of her real estate transaction with Brad Pitt.

Previously, in 1994, Brad Pitt purchased a 7,689 sqm (approximately 2.4 acres) mansion in Los Angeles (LA) from Cassandra Peterson for $1.7 million. The property, complete with a skating rink, tennis court, swimming pool, pond, skate park, motorcycle garage, and movie theater, was home to Brad Pitt and his six children before his divorce from Angelina Jolie in 2016.

Cassandra Peterson shared the story of Brad Pitt's good deed towards an elderly neighbor.

According to Peterson, after buying her house, Brad Pitt slowly expanded his property by purchasing nearby houses one by one. She added that there were about 22 houses nearby, and one of them was owned by a 95-year-old man named John. John had continued to live in the house after his wife passed away.

Peterson revealed that Brad Pitt allowed John to stay in the house rent-free until he passed away after purchasing John's house. She speculated that he probably thought about letting him live there until he passed away since they didn't know when that would be.

She continued by saying that it got a bit amusing because John lived until 105, but she thinks Brad made a good decision.

After selling her house to Brad Pitt, Cassandra Peterson purchased another nearby house and became his neighbor.

Peterson recalled Brad Pitt as always kind and gentle and remembered a chance encounter with him while he was preparing for the 1999 movie "Fight Club."

Peterson reminisced about passing Brad Pitt's garage while walking her dog, and seeing him wearing comfortable pants and hitting a sandbag with boxing gloves.

She added that she remembers him greeting her, and all she could respond with was a surprised noise. She couldn't speak, her face turned red, and she almost fainted. She praised him for being really cool, astonishingly good-looking, and kind. The icing on the cake.

Last month, Brad Pitt sold his LA mansion for $40 million, yielding a profit of around 50 billion KRW. However, there were speculations that Brad Pitt would start a new life with his girlfriend Ines de la Rámon in a new home.

Meanwhile, 61-year-old Brad Pitt is currently dating 29-year-old Swiss jewelry brand "Anita Ko" Vice President Ines de la Rámon, and recently, rumors of remarriage have emerged. Ines de la Rámon is also known as the ex-wife of actor Paul Wesley, who appeared in the American drama series "The Vampire Diaries."