Rep. James Comer has brought to light the involvement of yet another Biden family member in receiving funds from China, according to New York Post. This revelation raises additional concerns regarding the potential conflicts of interest within the Biden family and their connections to China. The president reportedly had dinner with the family member in question just last Friday.

Comer, the top Republican on the House Oversight Committee, has disclosed that the president's sister, Valerie Biden Owens, allegedly received a payment of $125,000 from a Chinese company. This payment was purportedly made in connection with a book deal for Owens, who is a political strategist and close advisor to her brother.

In a statement, Comer said, "This new information raises serious questions about what additional Biden family members may have profited from their proximity to the president and whether the president has taken any steps to address these conflicts of interest."

The revelation comes amidst ongoing scrutiny of the Biden family's business dealings, particularly those involving the president's son, Hunter Biden.

According to Comer, the payment to Owens was made by Harvest Global Investments, a Hong Kong-based subsidiary of a Chinese state-owned enterprise. The deal was allegedly brokered by James and Hunter Biden, who have been previously accused of using their family connections to secure lucrative business deals in China and other countries.

The recent revelation has prompted renewed calls for a thorough investigation into the Biden family's financial dealings, with critics arguing that the president's family members may be leveraging their proximity to the White House for personal gain.

Despite the allegations, the White House has not commented on the matter, and it remains unclear whether any further action will be taken. The president's recent dinner with Owens, however, has raised questions about the extent to which he may be aware of his family's business dealings and potential conflicts of interest.

As more information emerges about the Biden family's connections to China, it is likely that calls for a comprehensive investigation will continue to grow. With the president's sister now implicated in the controversy, the potential for conflicts of interest within the Biden administration remains a pressing concern for both lawmakers and the public.