Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are allegedly real allies behind closed doors.

Globe, in its March 20 issue, claimed that Trump refused to share details from his meeting with Putin for fear that he would be criticized for it.

But sources recently claimed to know what went down when the two world leaders met during a closed-door meeting.

“The world has never known what was exchanged between the two leaders during that meeting – until now,” the source said.

There are claims that the former POTUS for the United States sold out Ukraine in exchange for Putin’s backing in the 2024 presidential elections.

“The intelligence experts insist the 76-year-old former president betrayed Ukraine and violated America’s ban against asking a foreign power for help during a highly irregular one-on-one sit-down with Putin, 70, in Helsinki, Finland, where only the pair’s translators were present in July 2018,” the tabloid claimed.

However, those close to Trump are claiming that the ongoing rumors are nothing but a means to try and destroy their leader.

“It’s more of the same deep state nonsense that has deviled Trump since he announced his candidacy for president ahead of the 2016 election,” the source said.

But those who do not believe in Trump’s capacity to lead the nation are convinced that he has only been looking out for himself for many years.

“It was long ago clear that Trump is more interested in his own personal agenda and success than the welfare of the nation and thus unfit for high office. The Helsinki revelations just add to that narrative and demonstrate how he must be stopped,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. It’s not true that the details of Trump and Putin’s private meeting back in 2018 are only being exposed today.

The two leaders have been mum about their meeting because this is what some world leaders do. Not all conversations are made public especially when it’s meant to be controversial and can draw flak from netizens.

As of late, no one knows for sure what Trump and Putin talked about. And there’s also no proof that Trump sold Ukrain in exchange for Putin’s support. After all, Putin’s support wouldn’t matter that much because he is not from the United States.