Donald Trump has allegedly been left out of Ivana Trump’s last will and testament.

According to Woman’s Day, Ivana decided to leave her $1.5 million Miami Beach, Florida apartment, as well as her dog Tiger to her children’s former nanny, Dorothy Curry.

The decision didn’t allegedly come as a surprise to Ivana’s children because they grew up feeling like their former nanny was their second mom.

But what was allegedly surprising was the fact that Ivana did not include Donald in her will.

However, it’s obvious that the tabloid is just trying to create drama where this none. There’s no reason for Ivana to include Donald in her will because they have been divorced a long time ago.

So, it would be more surprising if she still included her ex-husband in her will even if Donald is already married to Melania Trump.

As of late, details regarding Ivana’s last will and testament have not been released either. After all, it’s a private document that wouldn’t be released to the public. So, it’s obvious that the tabloid is just speculating on its contents.

Meanwhile, Donald also made headlines recently amid claims that his marriage to Melania has gone from bad to worse.

According to Globe, the couple has been living in separate rooms since they tied the knot. But these days, Melania has been at the receiving end of Donald’s anger.

Since Donald does not allegedly have enough support from the public to win in the 2024 presidential elections, he is always angry. And since he lives with Melania, he always lashes out at his wife.

“Donald and Melania live virtually separate lives, but lately the former president is lashing out at anyone who gets under his skin – and often that’s Melania. They’ve been at each other’s throats in a way they haven’t been for years. From Donald’s point of view, he’s gotten little to no support from his wife as his world crumbles around him – while Melania wonders why she should suddenly care after they’ve lived apart so long,” the source said.

However, readers should also be wary of this claim. After all, Donald and Melania do not normally talk about their private engagements so no one knows for sure what’s been happening to them behind closed doors.