Lisa Marie Presley’s health was allegedly deteriorating days before she suffered from a cardiac arrest.

In Touch Weekly, in its Jan. 30 issue, claimed that Presley was already having a hard time when she attended the Globes.

“She was struggling in her final hours. Warning signs were flashing. She was moving very slowly. She wasn’t unsteady but she seemed unsure of herself. Austin [Butler] held her as she clung to him,” the source said.

Two days after the Globes, the source claimed that Presley’s health became much worse. Even if her mom, Priscilla knew that something was wrong with her daughter, she thought that the recent awards show would’ve helped her in some way.

“Lisa Marie was so proud of the film and loved being back in the mix in Hollywood. Priscilla thought that would help turn things around for her, which makes this even more devastating,” the source said.

Following her death, fans and friends of Lisa Marie couldn’t help but speculate on the cause of her passing. Since she previously battled drugs and alcohol addiction, they feared that her vices contributed to her cardiac arrest.

“Some people feared she was drinking and taking pills again, but no one knows if the cardiac arrest was related,” the source said.

For now, those that Lisa Marie left behind are still mourning her loss. And it seems they will forever do so just like how they mourned the death of Elvis Presley.

Even though it’s true that Lisa Marie didn’t seem well when she attended the Globes earlier this month, there is not enough proof to confirm that her health was already deteriorating at the time.

There’s also no indication that her cardiac arrest was caused by her drug and alcohol addiction. All these claims were just made up by the tabloid.

What’s only known is that Lisa Marie’s children and the entire family are still learning how to navigate her death. And it seems it will take everyone years to recover from the devastating loss.

But fans and friends of Lisa Marie are also comforted by the fact that she is now with her late father. Lisa Marie was just 9 years old when Elvis died, and she never really got over her father’s death either.