Sam Asghari allegedly wants to end his marriage to Britney Spears following the latter’s latest public rant.

An unnamed source told Heat UK that Asghari is not the type to abandon his wife but he’s had enough.

“Sam doesn’t want to abandon Britney but he won’t be tortured like this, either. Her mood swings and constant drama have left his head spinning, and he desperately needs some space. This latest incident really embarrassed him. He’s barely talking to her right now and wants some alone time before they sit down for crisis talks,” the source said.

The source claimed that Spears couldn’t help but be furious at Asghari because she thinks that he was the one that humiliated her in public.

“She’s very unhappy and a lot of people are extremely worried they won’t last,” the source said.

The source added that Asghari just escorted Spears out of the venue because he has had his limit and could no longer tolerate the singer’s outbursts.

“He’s been saying he was just going to get the car, so they could leave, but the reality is he’d reached his limit. The worst part is that Britney’s behavior was mild that night compared to how she can be at home. She’s constantly going off the deep end and Sam is the one who bears the brunt of her foul moods and angry tirades. He is walking on eggshells,” the source said.

The source ended its dubious claims by saying that the only way for Asghari to stick around is if Spears would agree to seek professional help. This way, he would know that the singer is also committed to making their marriage last.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. It’s not true that Asghari is threatening to leave Spears because of her recent public outburst.

Since the couple has been together for many years, Asghari must have already adjusted to Spears’ outbursts. And it is highly likely that Asghari has seen worse.

So, it wouldn’t make sense for him to suddenly want to end his marriage to Spears just because the singer got a bit drunk recently.

It is therefore obvious that the tabloid is just creating an issue between the couple even when they are perfectly fine.