King Charles and Prince William are allegedly having discussions on how to deal with Prince Harry’s claims in Spare.

A source told Woman's Day that the father and son think that the best way to deal with Prince Harry is by filing a lawsuit against him.

“William is so angry about this – and the fact that his innocent daughter has been named a part of it – that he’s told his father he wants to take Harry to the cleaners over such a horrible breach of privacy. He’s furious that Harry is dragging his whole family’s reputation through the mud, as well as putting the future of the monarchy at risk. He wouldn’t care if a court case like this cost him $10 million – he’d do anything to protect them,” the source said.

The source also claimed that King Charles and Prince William’s offices set up a warm room to figure out the best way to deal with the Duke of Sussex. And after everything that’s been said and done, they think that they should have discussions with Prince Harry’s lawyer.

In Spare, Prince Harry dropped a number of revelations about Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Princess Charlotte.

For instance, the Duke of Sussex said that Middleton was surprised when Meghan Markle asked to borrow her lip gloss. Middleton reluctantly handed it over to Markle, but she grimaced at her sister-in-law.

Prince Harry also said that he loved Middleton and enjoyed making her laugh. In fact, the dad of two confidently revealed that no one else is able to make Middleton laugh as much as he does.

However, he also said that he felt Middleton would take Prince William away from him when the royal couple tied the knot. And that’s exactly what happened because there were times wherein he felt left out.

And as for Prince William, Prince called his older brother his arch-nemesis. Prince Harry also claimed that he and Prince William got into a fight, and the latter wanted him to fight back but he didn’t.

Despite everything that he wrote about Prince William and his family, none of them retaliated against Prince Harry. After all, members of the royal family are not allowed to respond to criticisms being thrown at them.