King Charles has allegedly decided to put his foot down again when it comes to his younger brother, Prince Andrew.

In its Jan. 16 issue, National Enquirer claimed that King Charles officially banned Prince Andrew from using the palace as his official address. Even though the Duke of York still resides at the Royal Lodge, he could no longer refer to it as his permanent home.

“Any presence at the palace is officially over. The king has made it clear – he isn’t a working royal. He’s on his own,” the source said.

The source added that King Charles has long wanted to evict Prince Andrew from the Royal Lodge. However, he couldn’t do it because Queen Elizabeth has always been protective of her favorite son.

But now that the former monarch is no longer around, King Charles is finally able to take matters into his own hands.

“The newly minted monarch’s decision to evict Andy isn’t the first payback Charles has demanded from his black-sheep brother, whose personal life has long embarrassed the royal family,” the tabloid claimed.

But despite what King Charles has been trying to do, Prince Andrew allegedly continues to retaliate.

“Andrew is still clinging to his right to use the 31-bedroom Royal Lodge on the Windsor Castle estate – at least for now. But insiders say he’s facing exile to a foreign land,” the source concluded.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. It’s not true that King Charles decided to evict Prince Andrew from the Royal Lodge. If he did, this move would’ve already made front-page news.

It’s not also true that Prince Andrew is clinging to the Royal Lodge because this is home and it will always be his home. In fact, even if he and Sarah Ferguson have been divorced for decades, the latter still resides on the property with her ex-husband.

So, by the looks of it, Prince Andrew will never be evicted from the Royal Lodge. And it’s obvious that the tabloid just made up this story to pit King Charles and Prince Andrew against each other.

There’s no indication that the brothers are still feuding. In fact, King Charles extended an olive branch to the Duke of York during the holiday season when he invited him to Sandringham for the royal family’s yearly Christmas bash.