George Clooney and Amal Clooney are opening up about their twins and how their children have already “outsmarted” them.

The celebrity couple talked about the matter during a recent exchange with Entertainment Tonight. As noted, it occurred when they attended the 45th Kennedy Center Honors in Washington, D.C., on Sunday.

The conversations about the Clooney twins seemingly began after their parents discussed the holidays with the publication. Amal told the outlet that they “usually” spend the season in England before revealing, “This year we’re going away, somewhere warm.”

This appeared to have led the pair to talk about the presents they would give their children this Christmas, with the publication stating that they include a train set.

But, the “Ocean’s Eleven” star made a joke, sharing in the exchange, “If I ever get it put together,” because he said it is the “hard part.”

Amal Clooney is said to have chimed in, telling the publication that their twins “certainly outsmarted us.” She also revealed that their children “have a language that they speak that we don’t speak.”

George Clooney subsequently stated, “Yeah, she speaks French, so they got me coming and going, I don’t know what to do,” as per the outlet.

Us Weekly recalls in a report that Amal Clooney and George Clooney welcomed their twins in June 2017.

It also notes that a rep for the actor shared a statement with them at the time, revealing that Amal and their children are “all healthy, happy, and doing fine.” The announcement also came with a quip, noting that “George is sedated and should recover in a few days.”

Elsewhere in the exchange with ET, published Sunday, the two personalities talked about their twins’ sense of humor, with the actor describing them as “filthy.”

George Clooney told the outlet that their children “have some jokes that they play,” noting that they are “so filthy” that he is “not even allowed” to disclose them.

Amal Clooney responded, seemingly putting the blame on her husband, saying, “Whose contribution do you think this is, in parenting?”

This led the “Midnight Sky” actor to jokingly point fingers at his wife, telling the publication, “My wife is filthy.”

The “Up In The Air” star and the human rights lawyer reportedly first met in 2013. It is also stated that they had their first date later that year, before getting engaged in April 2014.

In September of the same year, George and Amal exchanged vows and tied the knot at Aman Canal Grande in Italy.