Streaming platforms continue to push the limits with the line between tv series quality and movie quality shrinking. Producers are coming up with some highly expensive TV shows which might be why it’s right to say that we are witnessing the Golden Age of television. So, make sure you check out these big budget TV shows in 2022!

In order to come up with something larger than life, directors and filmmakers are ready to bear huge expenses. As a result, we get to see some mind-blowing shows. But if you haven’t seen such shows until now, it’s time to have a look back at 2022 streaming highlights and see what you might have missed.

You might wonder more about these most expensive TV shows after exploring all of the intriguing facts related to them. So, keep yourself ready for it!

The Most Expensive TV Shows In 2022 |  Shows With A Huge Budget!

It’s time to update your knowledge of the recent trends in TV shows. Therefore, note down all the details of these most expensive TV shows in 2022!

#1 Halo

Based on the iconic Microsoft video game, the makers of Halo would spend $10 million on every episode. Although the production team was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, it did not affect the budget.

At the core of the show, there is a cybernetically enhanced super soldier. Interestingly, his task is to save humanity from the alien Covenant. And all this takes place in the 26th century.

#2 The Crown

The makers of The Crown did not withdraw themselves from going over board with the expenses while filming this period drama. As a result, they have been spending $13 million until now on each episode.

Based on an award-winning play, The Crown talks about the royal family of Princess Margaret and Winston Churchill. In addition, you also get to see the “War of the Waleses” and the rise of the Al-Fayed family.

#3 See

The budget of the show reached up to $15 million per episode due to the filming location the makers opted for. And the makers were bound to spend this much money because they had to picture a dystopian future.

At the core of the show, you get to see the future, where humans have lost their sense to see. That’s not it, the ability to see has become a myth for them. But everyone gets stunned after the birth of twin-sighted children in a mountain tribe. Is there something mysterious about those children?

#4 The Mandalorian

Known as a new chapter in the Star Wars franchise, The Mandalorian has a budget of $15 million because of the inventive filming techniques like stagecraft in which LED screens are used. 

The show narrates the defeat of an empire named the Galactic empire at the hands of rebel forces. At the same time, a hunter who operates the Outer Rim embarks on a journey of risky adventures. In addition, you get to see lots of action when the hunter tries to protect an infant.

#5 The Pacific

Right now, The Pacific is considered to be the most expensive show because its single episode had a budget of $20 million. And this happened in order to depict the fighting sequences of World War II.

This amazing show deals with the historical events of World War II and the circumstances of the soldiers who fought the battle. Apart from this, you get to see strategies planned by both rivals to win the war. And watching this show feels like watching something iconic.

#6 House Of The Dragon

With a budget of $20 million per episode, House Of The Dragon became a commercial success. As a result, more than 10 million viewers subscribed to streaming platforms to watch the first episode.

Known as the prequel to Games Of Thrones, the plot of House Of The Dragon narrates the fight between two siblings for the throne after their father passes away. As a result, their fight turns into a civil war named Dance of the dragons. Also, the show talks about the end of House Targaryen.

Final Words

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