King Charles III reportedly made an “intriguing” move on his first birthday as the reigning monarch. He began the process of having Princess Anne and Prince Edward become Counsellors of State, which, according to a royal expert, hinted at the importance of the matter.

Express UK stated that the claims were from Richard Palmer, who discussed the subject during an engagement with its “Royal Round-Up” podcast. He is said to have shared his thoughts about the monarch’s decision and even explained the process of the move.

As reported, the royal correspondent told the material’s host, Pandora Forsyth, that the King wrote to Parliament to “ask for legislation to be brought forward as quickly as possible,” making the legal change.

Palmer is said to have continued that the Government responded quickly, as “a bill was presented in the House of Lords the following day.” He reportedly noted, as well, that it already had its first reading and would have its second on Monday, where there would be a “full debate.”

The expert subsequently pointed out that “the idea is that all remaining stages,” which would include the third reading and the committee stage, “will be completed in the House of Lords by Wednesday (November 23),” adding that it “will go to the House of Commons” and then up to King Charles III, as per the outlet.

The royal correspondent later reportedly suggested in the same exchange that the process will likely be completed by the “end of November” or “early December.”

With regard to the date the information was made known, which was on King Charles III’s birthday, Palmer is said to have stated that he was “intrigued by that.” He also noted that the monarch was “clearly sending a signal” over the importance of it.

Citing an earlier report from BBCPeople said the British Monarch made a request to add Princess Anne and Prince Edward as Counsellors of State on November 14. This reportedly means that the list of appointees for the role would increase to six.

The magazine recalled in its piece, published Tuesday, that the posts belong to the reigning monarch’s consort, alongside the first four people in the line of succession over the age of 21.

With King Charles III as the monarch, the Counsellors of State are Queen Consort Camilla, Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince Andrew, and Princess Beatrice.

Among the four appointees, the only full-time working royal is the newly created Prince of Wales.