Caitlyn Jenner isn’t allegedly happy with how she looks after gaining 70 pounds.

According to Globe, Jenner wants to get rid of her unwanted weight without going through the trouble of dieting and exercising. So, she’s thinking of going under the knife instead.

“None of her clothes fit her anymore. She can’t stand looking at herself in the mirror and seeing this enormous gut – so she is going to get it fixed. But Cait doesn’t have the willpower for diets so it’ll be surgery – either a hardcore lipo procedure or possibly a full-blown stomach stapling that will shrink her huge appetite for all the wrong foods as well as her stomach,” the source said.

The source claimed that Jenner stopped taking care of herself for months. And she also stopped dieting and instead has been consuming unhealthy and fatty foods.

“Cait’s been living the gluttonous life of a typical fox fat cat these past few months – think rib-eyes for lunch, loaded potatoes, and piles of bread, cheese, desserts all washed down with a ton of red wine and cocktails. She’s stressed and lonely too, so the eating continues when she gets home,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. It’s not true that Jenner wants to get rid of her weight by going under the knife. And no one knows for sure what caused the former reality TV star to gain weight.

This doesn’t mean that she stopped taking care of herself and has been eating unhealthy foods throughout the past couple of months.

Meanwhile, Jenner also made headlines in July amid claims that she’s having a hard time walking because of her obsession with wearing high heels.

“Caitlyn has a closetful of shoes, from stilettos, pumps, and platforms to sandals and casual loafers, but she can’t wear half of them. They’re too tight for her size 13 feet and cause blisters and bunions and ingrown toenails – not to mention a foul smell from the perspiration. The word going around is she might have a fungus issue,” the source told Globe.

However, this claim is baseless as well. And it seems that the same tabloid is fond of attacking the former Olympian. It’s unclear why the tabloid dislikes Jenner but it’s obvious because most of the rumors about her come from them.