Caitlyn Jenner allegedly underwent surgery on her mouth because she has been drooling uncontrollably.

In its Nov. 1 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Jenner’s jacked-up jaw has been causing her to slobber like a Saint Bernard.

“Cait’s bad bite needs a new alignment and she’s going to have her jaw clamped and straightened. She’s been slurring her words, drooling, and spitting although not on purpose and people are noticing. There have been times when she’s been embarrassed about it and she doesn’t want anyone to get the wrong impression of her,” the source said.

The insider claimed that Jenner’s dental distress has something to do with her transition six years ago.

In order for her to look like a woman, the former Olympian allegedly had facial feminization surgery where her bones were removed or inserted. But the procedure wasn’t completely successful because it made Jenner’s mouth look weird.

“Besides that, the stress of her losing campaign for California governor, plus eating junk food and candy hasn’t helped. All that’s given her a mouthful of pain like teeth grinding, TMJ pain, and canker sores. The surgery will be agonizing but Cait’s already in a lot of pain and there are few parts of her body that haven’t been operated on, so it will be worth it,” the source said.

It is unclear where the tabloid’s claims that Jenner has been drooling nonstop are coming from. After all, the former Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has never been seen drooling in public.

It’s also unclear why the tabloid is saying that Jenner’s mouth is out of whack. After all, it seems fine and normal.

This isn’t the only rumor surrounding Jenner in recent months. A few weeks ago, the same tabloid claimed that she’s reeling from the results of the recent gubernatorial election.

At the time, a source alleged that Jenner has been crying nonstop because she lost the campaign. And it was especially hard for her because she thought that her chances of winning were really high.

However, there was also no proof that Jenner struggled to accept the result of the recent gubernatorial election. And it’s not true that he also cried hysterically after getting the result.

The tabloid just made up this story in the same way that they also made up their claims about Jenner’s mouth surgery.