Queen Elizabeth was dedicated to her role as the monarch up until her dying breath.

An unnamed source told Us Weekly that the queen’s doctors already had some concerns for her health especially after learning that she was having a hard time eating and moving around.

So, this past summer, they advised her to take a break and get complete rest while she was in Balmoral. However, it seems Her Majesty did not listen.

“The queen put on a brave face throughout her recent health problems. But the reality of the situation was much worse than anyone knew. They advised the queen to cancel all appearances and duties over the summer. But her last wish was to serve the nation and Commonwealth until the very end,” the source said.

When she was still alive, the queen made sure that her loved ones wouldn’t worry about her. So, even if she was already struggling, she still did not complain or tell them how she was feeling.

This is the reason why everyone was shocked when she passed away. After all, they thought that she was doing fine. And just 48 hours before her passing, she even made her final appearance as monarch when she met with British Prime Minister Liz Truss.

Luckily, the queen lived a full life. And even her last summer in Balmoral was filled with wonderful memories with her loved ones.

“Elizabeth had a joyful summer at Balmoral. She had picnics, competed in Scrabble competitions, and played cards in the sunshine. Being at Balmoral gave her a sense of normalcy. She seemed in good spirits, and mentally, she was as sharp as a knife, so her passing came as a huge shock. Not just to the nation, but to her family, too,” the source said.

Now, the royal family is figuring out ways how they could move forward. After their seven-day mourning period in private, they are expected to return to their royal duties.

King Charles III will officially commence his role as the new monarch. And he would have Queen Consort by his side.

Prince William and Kate Middleton will take on the responsibilities of the new Prince and Princess of Wales.

And Princess Anne, Prince Edward, and Sophie, Countess of Wessex are also expected to take on more duties and responsibilities.