Kim Kardashian is still reeling after she read Kanye West’s post about her bathroom practices. Even though the exes already had the opportunity to talk to each other, the reality TV star still thinks that her ex-husband has sunk so low.

A source told Heat UK that Kardashian wants nothing to do with West after he posted a cryptic text message. The rapper claimed that his ex-wife used to always go to the bathroom to relieve herself.

West later explained that he wasn’t the one who sent the text message and blamed it on another person who allegedly copied his texting style.

Despite his excuses, the source claimed that Kardashian doesn’t buy anything that West says.

“For Kim, this is symbolic of just how low Kanye has sunk. There are some big celebs like 50 Cent openly laughing at them and debating her bathroom habits on social media. It’s like they’ve been turned into a laughing stock. She’s can’t believe they’re even having this discussion. She wants Kanye to quit his rants right away before she becomes even more of a laughing stock,” the source said.

The source also claimed that even though Kardashian and West are no longer married. It seems the SKIMS founder and her entire family still couldn’t escape the rapper.

After all, West has very unpredictable behavior. So, no one knows when exactly would he snap again and attack Kardashian and her family.

The rapper recently criticized his former mother-in-law, Kris Jenner, by accusing her of allowing and encouraging her daughters to appear on the cover of Playboy magazine.

West also accused Kardashian and Jenner of sending his kids to a school that he did not approve of. The rapper wants his children to go to Donda Academy.

And then there are West’s issues with Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend, Pete Davidson. When the exes were still together, West vehemently attacked Davison and spread lies about the comedian.

Now, Davidson is finally getting his revenge on West after it was announced that he will also be releasing his own fashion line.

According to Radar Online, Davidson’s fashion line could give West a run for his money.

Ironically, it was Kardashian who inspired Davidson to think out of the box and pursue an entirely different business.