Kim Kardashian is reeling over her split from Pete Davidson not because she still loves him but because her ego was bruised.

In its Sept. 26 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Kardashian also lied about giving up alcohol because she has been drunk-dialing Davidson in the hopes that they could rekindle their romance.

A source claimed that when Kardashian phoned Davidson, the latter couldn’t help but be surprised because he already moved on from The Kardashians star.

And when the mom of four told Davidson that she was willing to at least have booty calls with him, the comedian became even more shocked.

“Even a booty call arrangement would be a dream come true for her at this point. Once she’s tipsy, she’s unable to help herself That’s when the texts and calls go in – some of which Pete politely answers, others he lets go to voicemail. He’s sorry she’s hurting, but he’s happy to be away from her baggage and drama,” the source said.

However, the tabloids’ claims cannot possibly be true. There’s no bad blood between Kardashian and Davidson so it’s unlikely for the Saturday Night Live alum to react to his ex-girlfriend’s calls this way.

There’s also no proof that Kardashian is still hung up on Davidson or that she has been drunk-dialing him. During a recent interview, the reality TV star had nothing but wonderful things to say about Davidson.

Kardashian also wished her ex-boyfriend well and said that he hopes he will succeed in everything that he does. This suggests that Kardashian has long accepted the split and wants nothing but the best for Davidson.

This isn’t the first time that Kardashian and Davidson were involved in a dubious rumor. Just recently, the latter attended the Emmys while donned in an outfit that resembled one of Kanye West’s styles.

A source told Hollywood Life that Kardashian was surprised with Davidson’s attire and she couldn’t help but think that this was his subtle way of sending the rapper a message.

But since Davidson has been mum despite all of West’s attacks, Kardashian wants him to keep things this way. The last thing that Kardashian wants and needs is for more drama to ensue between them and West especially now that they are no longer together.