Eddie Murphy allegedly gained a considerable amount in the past couple of months because he stopped eating healthy foods.

A source told National Enquirer that Murphy is trying his best to lose all the pounds that he gained especially since fans already took notice of his appearance.

But prior to his decision to finally sweat it out again, Murphy gorged on unhealthy food and drink choices.

“Eddie’s always taken good care of himself, but those fattening coffee drinks and treats do add up in calories. If he were an average guy, he’d look okay, but he’s looking a bit flabby on the set. Clearly, he’s lost some muscle mass,” the source said.

The source said that Murphy has been doing his best to work out more regularly than he used to. And he’s also been spending so much type at the gym to get his groove back.

“He’s ramping up his workouts, pumping weights, doing squats and stretches, and fussing over his daily diet, which he prepares the way in advance. He’s got to be careful and avoid certain foods because if his waist feels bloated, he has a meltdown,” the source said.

Murphy has several projects under his belt right now. And he also has 10 children that need him to stay healthy. Otherwise, he could be at risk of dying young.

But while it is true that Murphy may have gained a couple of pounds, it’s not true that his weight gain has been alarming. After all, it’s normal for people and even actors to gain some weight every now and then. But this doesn’t mean that they are unhealthy.

There’s also no proof that Murphy has been spending so much time at the gym. It is possible that he works out regularly. But the actor has so many projects right now that might make it difficult for him to work out all the time.

Still, there’s no indication that he has been drinking sweetened and unhealthy coffee just like what the tabloid alleged.

Murphy is currently involved in the Netflix comedy-romance You People, as well as Candy Cane Lane and Triplets.

The actor also has 10 children with Bria being his eldest at 32 and Max being his youngest at 3 years old. So, it seems that they are the actor’s reason for living a long and healthy life.