King Charles allegedly plans to make some changes to The Firm now that he has been appointed monarch.

According to New Idea, King Charles understands why Queen Elizabeth was admired by so many people and he also wants to get the same support and respect. However, he also wants the entire world to know that he is not his mother and will be a different kind of monarch.

“But Charles also believes people know he is not his mother, and he plans to do things his way. It’s not going to be some immediate seismic shift to how things are done but we will see Charles beginning to inject some of his beliefs into the monarchy in the coming months,” the source said.

The source also claimed that King Charles cannot just start ignoring the issues that are close to his heart. So, royal fans and the British public can expect him to focus on these causes as the monarch.

“Politicians should prepare for their new sovereign to be much more hands-on than his predecessor, especially when it comes to climate change, homelessness, and urban planning,” the source said.

Meanwhile, one of the things that King Charles wants to change has to do with his living arrangements. As king, he is expected to move into Buckingham Palace. But the source said that he’s not keen to live in castles and palaces and wants to continue residing at Clarence House.

“He has no interest in Windsor Castle because it’s droughty and under the Heathrow flight path – so William will probably get the keys for that property. Charles also plans to open more of Buckingham Palace to the public and possibly even convert Balmoral into a museum and retain Birkhall as his Scottish home,” the source said.

The source added that King Charles wants to keep Sandringham for himself. However, nothing has been finalized yet.

As of late, King Charles has not shared his plans as the monarch. He has not also vowed to make changes to the monarchy or The Firm. This means that everything that the tabloid is saying is just based on their speculations.

King Charles has not also expressed his dislike to live in castles and palaces. And he will have no choice but to move into Buckingham Palace now that he’s king.