WARNING: This article contains spoilers for “Stranger Things.” Read at your own risk.

“Stranger Things” is approaching its near end. Ahead of its ultimate conclusion, though, a few cast members have shared their thoughts about the show, with some even providing suggestions for the final season.

One of these celebrities is Paul Reiser, who plays the role of Dr. Owens. It comes as his return on the show remains uncertain, with People noting that even he does not know the answer.

On Twitter, the Netflix series’ Writers’ Room urged fans and followers Wednesday to put in their “final requests” ahead of the last script releases. The 66-year-old actor quoted-retweeted the post and provided his own suggestion: “What if, Dr. Owens lives?”

Speaking to E! News, Paul Reiser recalled the social media exchange over the weekend. He also revealed that waiting is not unexpected at all when it comes to “Stranger Things.”

The “Aliens” actor told the outlet that he asked the show creators, the Duffer brothers, about his character during their first meeting. He stated that when he asked whether his character is “good” or “bad,” the heads said, “We don’t know.”

Reiser continued that he pressed on further to ask the Duffer brothers whether they do not know or don’t want to tell him the answer. He revealed that the creators went, “No, we don’t know,” before saying, “And, so they don’t tell me.”

In the end, however, the "Mad About You" star remains optimistic about his future on the Netflix show. He stated, "I'd appreciate it if Dr. Owens comes in, in like a superhero cape, and saves the day."

People later noted that Paul Reiser’s role in “Stranger Things” first arrived at the show’s course in Season 2, which premiered in 2017. He appeared to have replaced Matthew Modine’s Dr. Brenner as the director of operations at Hawkins Lab following what happened at the end of the pilot installment.

Dr. Owens was last seen in Season 4 after helping Eleven escape from the underground setting, where he and Dr. Brenner oversaw the Nina Project to assist El in regaining her powers. However, the final face-off with the military at the location saw him being locked away, thinking Millie Bobby Brown’s character was killed.

There remains very little information about the final season of “Stranger Things.” But, the show’s Writers’ Room continues to share updates on social media with regard to the developments of the production, particularly the script.

Seventeen said there is no set date for the fifth and final season’s premiere yet. It noted, though, that the show is unlikely to return until 2023 or 2024.