Chris Pratt allegedly has his sights set on a new career after starring in the Amazon Prime series, The Terminal List.

According to Life & Style, Pratt wants to try his luck in politics after playing the role of a US Navy Seal in the program.

Since he’s quite a famous actor, Pratt believes that he will have the support of his fans if he decides to pursue a career change.

“Chris got involved in a lot of military veteran causes and realized his superstar status can make a profound difference,” the source said.

The source also claimed that Pratt doesn’t normally discuss politics with his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, and her side of the family because he knows that the topic could be divisive.

But seeing how the people close to him are involved in politics and good causes convinced him that he could also do some good.

“Chris knows he can’t jump right in or he will be ridiculed. So, he will have to take small steps,” the source said.

As of late, Pratt has not expressed any desire to run for office. But it is true that his wife’s dad, Arnold Schwarzenegger once served as the governor of California.

His ex-wife, Maria Shriver also happens to be the niece of the late President John F. Kennedy so it runs in his wife’s blood.

Still, this doesn’t confirm that Pratt wants to get into politics especially since he has a pretty lucrative career as an actor.

In June, Pratt made some strong statements about the left and the right in the United States.

“There’s an illusion that we’ve gotten more partisan, but the truth, if you’re looking at it from my understanding, is there’s a very small group of wackos on the right and a very small group of wackos on the left. Each of them is sort of echoed through mainstream media — whether it be Fox or whether it be CNN — and a lot of times there’s political posturing, to try to get onto Fox, or try to get onto MSNBC or CNN,” he said (via The Hill). 

Pratt earned criticisms from the left and the right for his comments. And they urged him to pick a side, but he hasn’t. This proves that Pratt’s political plans are not yet final.