Gisele Bundchen allegedly gave her husband, Tom Brady an ultimatum.

The supermodel wanted Brady to quit his beloved sport, football so that he could focus on their children and marriage. However, Brady refused to give up his lucrative career.

In its Sept. 12 issue, Star claimed that Bundchen realized that she would never win against Brady. So, instead of forcing him to quit football, she just gave him an ultimatum.

Bundchen asked Brady to make sure that he would have a work-life balance so that he can continue playing football but still make time for their family.

“There were some very difficult conversations. Gisele wound up accepting Tom’s decision, but only if he promised to prioritize a work-life balance. That’s what the recent trip to the Bahamas was ultimately all about. Tom is showing Gisele that he puts her and the kids first and that he’s willing to put football on hold for the family to enjoy together,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Bundchen and Brady have a lot of things planned for himself and his wife this season. This is to ensure that they would still be able to bond despite his busy schedule.

“They’re going to make time for date nights this season. And Tom told her he’ll turn off his phone and stop answering texts and non-urgent calls once he’s home from practice. He’ll be helping the kids with their studies too, and they’re arranging family nights where they can all take turns picking movies. Cooking and eating together is a big thing for the whole family. No matter how much wealth and status they have,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. As of late, there’s no proof that Bundchen had to give Brady an ultimatum for him to spend more time with her and their children.

And while it is true that Bundchen wanted Brady to retire from football, the model also understands how much her husband loves the sport and supports his decision.

It seems that the model’s statements were just taken out of context by the tabloid. But it’s not true that Bundchen and Brady are at risk of divorcing if they don’t make some changes to their relationship.