Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson announced their split a few weeks ago, but fans are still talking about it. In fact, some publications have been speculating on the possible reasons why the couple’s relationship seemingly ended on a whim.

According to Globe, Davidson was the one who called it quits with Kardashian, and it was because he soon realized that the reality TV star wasn’t as fun as he thought she was.

Simply put, Kardashian was allegedly a bore, so Davidson found that being with her was not that exciting. 

“Kim was too self-obsessed and closed-minded to satisfy Pete, or so he says. He got bored with being the one who made all the effort and found her insecurity and need for reassurance a major turn-off. He’s looking to sow his wild oats with someone who truly gets him and can keep up with his sex drive, which Kim absolutely could not,” the source said.

The source also claimed that Davidson also dislikes the way Kardashian’s body looks, as well as her obsession with getting plastic surgery and other treatments. The Saturday Night Live alum allegedly thinks Kardashian is superficial for always wanting to look her best.

“Pete’s close friends know the truth. It’s a real insult to Kim. He feels bad it didn’t work out with Kim, but he’s relieved that he’s done with all her family drama,” the source said. 

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. As of late, no one knows for sure why Kardashian and Davidson split other than because of distance.

It’s also unlikely for the exes to share more details regarding their breakup because this is a private matter. 

As such, the allegations made by the tabloid about Davidson’s feelings and thoughts about Kardashian couldn’t possibly be true.

And it is also important to note that Kardashian and Davidson ended their relationship on good terms. So, they will not trash talk each other.

For now, the A-listers are busy with their respective lives. Kardashian is busy with her business and reality TV show. And she’s also tending to her four children. 

Davidson, on the other hand, is in Australia filming a new movie. And he also stars in a film alongside Kaley Cuoco.

Here’s to hoping that Kardashian and Davidson would cross paths again when the latter returns to America.