Kim Kardashian did not shy away from sharing the results of her body scan.

On Wednesday, the 41-year-old reality star took the time to update her millions of fans and followers on Instagram regarding her body and health. It comes after she had her bone density and body fat measured by BodySpec.

People said BodySpec is a “company that uses mobile scanning vans to provide a detailed full-body composition report.”

Kardashian posted several stories on her account, detailing the body scan she had, noting that the process only takes about seven minutes.

In one of the posts, the SKIMS founder noted that her “bones are stronger than 93-97 percent of people.” She even included a photo of the report, showing the results of the scan.

Aside from the bone report, Kim Kardashian’s post on the platform also featured her total body fat percentage and mass. It appears that she went from having 25 percent body fat (May 2021) down to 18.8 percent (August 2022).

As for the reality star’s total mass, the report shows she went from 124.2 lbs down to 114.7 lbs, losing about 9.5 lbs in nearly a year.

Following Kim Kardashian’s latest activities, BuzzFeed News reported that many netizens shared their thoughts on the matter, noting that she is being “dragged” for “boasting” about her body scan, especially her bone density.

The publication appeared to have covered some of the commentators’ assertions, which were originally posted in a thread on a Reddit forum.

One described the KKW Beauty founder’s posts as “weird.” Another seemingly agreed and rhetorically asked, “In what world does someone feel the need to brag about their bone density?”

A different netizen, meanwhile, observed that Kardashian is “in constant competition with the whole world.” This appeared to have led others to suggest that she is “insecure,” adding that it is probably her way of coping with getting older.

Prior to posting the results of her body scan, Kim Kardashian revealed to her fans and followers the “painful” treatment she had had for her stomach.

On Instagram, using the same story feature of the platform, the reality star posted a photo of her abdomen, which appeared slightly red as it was snapped during the treatment.

Alongside the picture, Kardashian shared that she did the “Morpheus laser” to “tighten [her] stomach.” She also deemed the treatment “a game changer” and “worth it,” adding that it has become her favorite laser despite it being “painful.”