Ellen Pompeo is not leaving “Grey’s Anatomy.” But, she is reportedly stepping back, reducing her role as Meredith Grey in the upcoming installment of the series.

It comes after news broke that she is scaling back her screen time for the 19th season of the medical drama title, with reports saying she will only appear in eight episodes.

Deadline was the first to report the matter upon announcing Pompeo’s project with Hulu. It, nevertheless, stated that the actress will continue to serve as the narrator of every episode of the new season.

Following the claims, this led Huffpost to assert that the lead star is “seemingly laying the groundwork for her eventual exit.”

The publication recalled that Ellen Pompeo’s presence in the course of “Grey’s Anatomy” has been increasingly reduced over the years. It pointed out that the actress’s character, Meredith Grey, was “heavily sidelined” in the previous season of the show.

The “Art Heist” actress was not present for multiple episodes in Season 18. As explained, it was due to the storylines involving COVID-19, alongside the potential relocation to Minnesota, where Grey has been working on a clinical trial.

Despite the reduced screen time, the outlet noted that Pompeo inked a new deal with ABC earlier this year. This reportedly seemingly leads to a potential extension of the long-running series, adding that the material “remains the network’s top ratings performer.”

Meanwhile, the untitled project with Hulu is another stint for Ellen Pompeo both as a cast member and executive producer. Reports said that the material is a “limited series,” housing a total of eight episodes.

The title, which Deadline refers to as the “Untitled Orphan Project,” takes its inspiration from the true story of the Midwestern couple, who adopted Ukrainian-born Natalia Grace, and claimed she was an adult “sociopath” pretending to be a child. The plot for the series follows the same storyline, starting from the adoption all the way to the battles in the tabloids and courtrooms.

Pompeo is said to be playing the mother.

As for “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 19, ABC announced in June that the series will premiere on October 6. Us Weekly noted that its spinoff, “Station 19” will also return for Season 6 on the same night.

While Ellen Pompeo is reportedly scaling back her role, it is said that new characters will emerge in the new season. Also, a few series stars landed a regular gig for the upcoming installment, including Alexis Floyd and Niko Terho.