Members of the British Royal Family keep a busy schedule because of their duties and responsibilities. But, despite this, most of them are reportedly “surprisingly active” in maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Hello! magazine recently released a report on the matter, detailing some of the British Royals’ workout routines and fitness activities. The list includes the younger members of the family, like Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, and their respective spouses.

Over the years, the public has learned how active the Duchess of Cambridge is in terms of her fitness and health. The outlet said that some of the activities she does include playing tennis, cycling, rowing, and running.

As for Meghan Markle, it has become common knowledge that she does yoga, and swears by it.

The magazine recalled an interview she did with Best Health and quoted her, as saying, “Yoga is my thing. My mum is a yoga instructor, and I started doing mummy-and-me yoga with her when I was seven.”

Meanwhile, the two royal Duchesses’ spouses also reportedly keep a fit and active lifestyle. The same publication unearthed some photos showing Prince William and Prince Harry doing some fitness activities together.

One of the images features the royal siblings playing polo and doing a race, alongside Kate Middleton, in another. 

Some of the other pictures also show the Duke of Sussex enjoying his bike, as well as playing polo at a professional level.

Now To Love previously released a similar report, revealing the supposed “workout secrets” of some members of the British Royal Family. It noted that the listed activities and routines were the ways how they stay fit.

The publication said that Meghan Markle’s “secret” to staying fit is “Vinyasa yoga.” It even quoted the former actress, stating, “I love an intense Vinyasas class, and even better if it is blasting hip-hop and done in a dark room with candlelight.”

As for her husband, Prince Harry reportedly does “military-style training,” adding that it is the royal’s workout preference. It was said that he sticks to the “rigorous” regimen, allowing him to maintain his “army-level fitness.”

The publication then moved on to Kate Middleton, noting that the “real secret” to her “svelte physique” is reportedly planking.

It was claimed that the future Queen Consort holds the position for at least 45 seconds per set.

As for the future King, Prince William was said to prefer the so-called “fast fitness” regimen. He allegedly does it before taking his breakfast, adding that the plan only takes 11 minutes to accomplish.

The outlet explained that the routine features five moves that work all parts and areas of the body.