Jennifer Lopez is allegedly at risk of suffering yet another panic-induced collapse because she’s such a workaholic.

A source told National Enquirer that Lopez’s family and friends are worried about her because she refuses to rest.

The tabloid also quoted a doctor as saying that Lopez’s obsession with making sure that everything in her life is perfect could be her worst downfall.

“The same factors which caused her to suffer these troubling problems in the past can absolutely lead to similar attacks in the present,” Dr. Gabe Mirkin said.

Even though Lopez has a healthy and active lifestyle, the source said that this doesn’t mean that she’s not in danger of collapsing.

“Ben’s begging her to slow down because she’s pushing herself way too hard. There is data connecting lack of sleep and appropriate rest to an increased risk in lots of areas. If she collapses again, it could be something very serious,” the source said.

However, it seems that the tabloid is just exaggerating what Lopez shared in her documentary Halftime.

In the Netflix documentary, the mom of two said that all the stress and work finally caught up with her. To the point that she found herself completely frozen and couldn’t see clearly.

However, Lopez never said that she was on the brink of a collapse.

And while it is true that Lopez is a workaholic, it’s obvious that she takes good care of herself. She also gets to rest every time she’s on a break from her work.

For instance, she’s currently enjoying her honeymoon with Affleck after they tied the knot in a surprise ceremony in Las Vegas last weekend.

According to Page Six, the couple is in Paris for their honeymoon. And even though they have respective children, Lopez and Affleck made sure that it’s only the two of them during their latest outing.

Meanwhile, details from the couple’s wedding have just been released. There are claims that Lopez and Affleck tried their best to keep their nuptials a secret from everyone, including the actor’s ex-wife, Jennifer Garner.

According to reports, Garner only found out about the wedding on the day of the ceremony. However, this doesn’t mean that she was upset. In fact, Garner supports Affleck and Lopez’s relationship and she wished the couple well.