Martha Stewart has allegedly been losing her longtime friends because of her ego and tasteless jokes.

An unnamed source told National Enquirer that Stewart has been telling her friends that she wants them to die so that she can date their husbands.

Of course, the remarks are nothing but a joke but no one finds it funny.

“Martha has a tight group of ‘yes’ people kissing up to her, but her older friends are kind of fed up with how self-absorbed and needy she’s been of late, men included. She’s hyper-controlling and consumed by work. Then there are the endless selfies and cries for attention that don’t exactly make her much of a catch for the guys she goes after,” the source said.

The source also claimed that it’s been a struggle to find love for Stewart because all she does is talk about herself. So, none of the guys that she wants to go out with are interested in hearing her talk the entire night.

“She’s a ‘me’ person and that’s never a good way to hook a man. Martha’s other problem is that she has ludicrously high expectations of the guys she can attract. She figures hot young 30-something model types should be lucky to squire her to a restaurant or enjoy a booty call. Even though she looks great for 80, it’s just not realistic,” the source said.

The source also said that Stewart’s jokes also prove that she’s self-centered. And it’s a dish that leaves a bad taste in the mouths of her friends.

However, it’s obvious that Stewart’s recent statements on Chelsea Handler’s podcast were taken out of context. It was obvious that Stewart was just trying to make a joke by saying that one of her crushes happens to be married to one of the moms that she knows.

As such, she jokingly asked if this woman could just die so that she could be with her husband.

As of late, there’s no proof that Stewart’s friends were offended by her recent comments. If they are, they would’ve already handled the issue privately.

This means that the tabloid couldn’t possibly be correct in saying that Stewart hurt her friends’ feelings because no one really knows how they took her jokes.