Victoria Beckham is allegedly having problems with Nicola Peltz’s parents.

In its July 28 issue, Closer UK claimed that Nelson and Claudia Peltz pretended to be united with Victoria and her husband, David when their respective children tied the knot in a three-day event.

But photos of the Peltz family revealed that Nelson and Claudia were also present during the honeymoon of the newlyweds.

A source claimed that Victoria couldn’t help but be upset especially since her son and daughter-in-law did not invite her and David to join them on their Italian honeymoon.

“There’s been a little tension between the Beckham family and the Peltz family brewing for some time. And Victoria can’t help but feel put out, it’s as though Nicola’s family has crossed a line by gate-crashing Brooklyn’s honeymoon. She sees it as Nicola’s parents making a power display – as if they can do whatever they like – as both families had agreed to let the newlyweds enjoy their honeymoon together alone,” the source said.

The Spice Girls member also allegedly felt that she was pushed aside by her son and the Peltz family. And David was also taken aback after seeing the newlyweds’ photos and videos on social media.

“Even David was extremely surprised, as he’s all for letting Brooklyn do his own thing and have his own little family unit with Nicola as husband and wife. But now there are some concerns that Nicola’s family might be calling the shots in their marriage,” the source said.

And even though the Beckhams are quite a famous family in the United Kingdom, there are times when Victoria feels that the Peltz clan looks down on them. After all, the Peltz family is much richer than the Beckhams, and Victoria couldn’t help but feel insecure.

“Nicola’s dad is used to getting what he wants as he’s been an absolute ball-buster throughout his life to accumulate his billions. And it doesn’t look as though he’s really got his head around the fact that his daughter is married now and has her own life,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. There’s no proof that Victoria is upset or that she’s jealous over the fact that Peltz’s family joined her and Brooklyn on their honeymoon.

It’s obvious that this storyline was just made up by the tabloid.