Kim Kardashian is allegedly obsessed with her physical appearance to the point that she wants all those who are part of her life to look their best as well. 

A source told Closer UK that the reality TV star recently ordered her boyfriend, Pete Davidson to go on a strict diet and stop his vices.

“Kim has told Pete he has to stop eating junk. It kills her because he is tall and skinny. He can eat whatever he wants thanks to his metabolism, and it drives her mad. She doesn’t want that food around to tempt her away from her strict regime. He’s made no secret of loving his late-night pizza and pasta binges, but Kim has told him he needs to curb them because she wants to be even trimmer and promote her metallic swimwear, and the material is very unforgiving,” the source said.

The source also claimed that Kardashian is struggling to accept the fact that while she’s working out nonstop to achieve her desired weight, Davidson is just lazing around at home and doing nothing. But at the end of the day, he’s still the one who’s skinnier.

“Kim says Pete’s metabolism is a benefit of him being young while she doesn’t have the luxury anymore. She’s done with being the easy-going girlfriend and is fed up with her boyfriend eating like a teenager and always craving carbs after dark,” the source said.

This isn’t the first time that a tabloid claimed that Kardashian is trying to change Davidson’s ways.

Last month, Heat UK claimed that Kardashian has grown sick and tired of Davidson’s tattoos that’s why she banned him from getting more ink.

“As much as she accepts Pete’s tattoos are part of who he is, ultimately, they’re not something she finds in keeping with their brand. Pete’s all over the place on this topic. Just last year, he was vowing to get them all lasered off by the time he turned 30 yet he’s gone back on this. Kim was shocked when he got a bunch of more tattoos recently. Unlike sister Kourtney, she’s just not into the punk or Goth look and isn’t ever going to be,” the source said.

However, just days later, more reputable sources confirmed that the Saturday Night Live alum got another tattoo. This proves that the tabloid’s claims were incorrect.