Pete Davidson appears to have paid another tribute to Kim Kardashian. This comes after eagle-eyed netizens noticed his seemingly new tattoo, dedicated to their relationship.

The ink reportedly reads, “Jasmine” and “Aladdin,” on the 28-year-old comedian’s shoulder. Fans first saw the design on a photo the reality star shared on social media, according to Insider.

The image in question is only one of the pictures Kardashian posted on Instagram earlier this week. It features the celebrity couple, with Davidson having only a gold necklace and without a shirt.

The other photos on the set show the pair enjoying their time together under the sun. In its entirety, the post has now obtained more than 6.6 million likes with over 28,800 comments.

The publication explained that the tattoo appears to be a tribute, especially to Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian’s first kiss.

The two personalities shared a kiss during a sketch in a previous episode of “Saturday Night Live.” They were dressed as the Disney characters, Jasmine and Aladdin, for the material, which aired last October.

Weeks after their on-screen kiss, the comedian and the reality star began to spark romance rumors across media platforms. They have since been dating each other, with reports saying they are in a serious relationship.

Page Six recently asserted that the “Jasmine and Aladdin” sketch appeared to be “very important” to Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson.

It recalled that the SKIMS founder once opened up about feeling a “spark” when they shared their kiss for the first time for the “SNL” material.

Also, the “King of Staten Island” star gifted his girlfriend the exact costumes they wore for the sketch.

Kardashian told Jimmy Kimmel in April that Davidson got her the “rug and the whole outfits,” including even the little genie lamp, for Valentine’s Day.

This is not the first tattoo the former “SNL” player has had for the reality star. She revealed to Ellen DeGeneres earlier in March that he has “a few cute ones that he got [for her],” according to Us Weekly.

Kim Kardashian also shared with the talk show host that the “Kim” mark on Pete Davidson’s chest is not something he can remove. She explained that it is not a tattoo, noting that it is a “branding.”

Elsewhere in the engagement, the SKIMS founder said there was one body art her boyfriend has had that she preferred at the time. She stated that it was her “favorite,” and it reads, “My girl is a lawyer.”