The president of Russia Vladimir Putin reportedly needed medical assistance after a trending video showed the Russian leader uncontrollably shaking while he was honoring director Nikita Mikhalkov with the Russian Federation's State Prize.

Putin's health has been called into question once more after the tyrant was spotted noticeably trembling while presenting an award over the weekend.

Since the commencement of the military operation in Ukraine, there have been several reports about the Russian president's health, with some specialists suggesting he suffers from a variety of diseases.

Vladimir Putin's Health Conspiracies

Some believe he is battling blood, thyroid, or stomach cancer while others believe he has early-stage Parkinson's disease. When Putin met Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko in Sochi last month, he was captured on camera uncomfortably twisting his feet as the two sat down for discussions.

At the Kremlin over the weekend, Putin honored director Nikita Mikhalkov with the Russian Federation's State Prize. He was observed unable to remain motionless, swaying back and forth as he watched the recipient take the reward.

According to the Daily Express, he reportedly shook his legs and looked to move side to side. Putin got tongues churning last week when he unexpectedly canceled a long set-piece live yearly TV broadcast in which he was to answer questions from ordinary Russians.

Theories abound: "He anticipated a hostile grilling about the Ukraine war, while another raised worries about the president's health and capacity to remain on TV for the normal three to four hours."

The Direct Line to Vladimir Putin event has been held in June for the previous four years, except the first COVID-19 pandemic summer in 2020, which was held in December.

The unexpected postponement was shocking because it had been started five days earlier that it would take place in the foreseeable future, indicating shortly after the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, which concludes on June 18. In May, a Russian intelligence source stated that Putin's doctors had told him he has three years to live.

Vladimir Putin Is Rumored That He Is Nearing His Death

Putin is obviously unwell, a senior officer from the Director of National Intelligence told Newsweek recently, adding that whether he would die soon is speculative.

According to the article, two additional people - one from the Defense Intelligence Agency and one retired Air Force officer - claimed to have access to a detailed intelligence evaluation of Putin's health and warned his outlook is grim.

The intelligence community also believes that Putin is becoming increasingly nervous about his position and that he may have escaped an assassination attempt in March. During a meeting with his military minister in April, the Russian president was observed uncomfortably grasping a table.

According to the Russian investigative site The Project, Putin also bathes in blood-derived from deer antlers, which are chopped off while still developing and full of fresh blood, Mirror reported.

The Kremlin has frequently said that Putin is in good health, with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov rejecting any ailment. However, it is believed that the tyrant's public appearances are largely stage-managed, and some may even be staged.

Putin's recent appearance follows shocking accusations that his security bag up to his feces when he is overseas so that it may be returned to Russia. Members of the Federal Protection Service (FPS) are said to collect feces in separate packets that are then put in a designated briefcase for the drive home.

The unpleasant practice is said to be carried out to prevent foreign countries from obtaining knowledge on Putin's health or prospective therapies, Metro reported.