Vladimir Putin once again sparked concerns amid rumors that he’s not been doing well health-wise.

According to The New York Post, a new video shows the Russian leader struggling to get up from his seat during an awards ceremony in Kremlin.

The video also shows Putin looking unstable and swaying back and forth while trying to get up.

According to reports, the video was taken even after Putin’s doctors advised him not to attend lengthy engagements where he would be required to stand for long hours.

Last week, an official from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence told Newsweek that Putin is sick.

“Putin is definitely sick whether he’s going to die soon is mere speculation,” the official said.

Meanwhile, tabloids have also been speculating about Putin’s health. Some of them are convinced that the Russian ruler has been diagnosed with cancer. Others also believe that he only has a few months to live.

Russian oligarch Sir Richard Dearlove reportedly detailed his conversation with Putin, where the latter told him that he was diagnosed with blood cancer. After hearing the truth from the leader, Dearlove predicted that Putin could check himself into a facility to seek proper treatment.

Dr. Paul Connell also claimed to know why Putin’s face looks swollen. He said that this could be a result of his kidney or liver disease. It is also possible for Putin to have been undergoing chemotherapy.

“Losing balance and bloating is likely not caused by cancer but could be from the treatment. If the footage is real then I would say he is suffering from a chronic, systemic disease of some sort but whether a specific treatment could be causing it is not known,” he said.

Last month, Globe alleged that Putin is worried about being replaced by another leader if he reveals the truth about his health. As such, he wants to keep things private but his face and body movements have been giving away his secrets.

However, none of these claims have been proven to be accurate. Even though it’s true that Putin’s face looks swollen, he has never said that he’s suffering from cancer or any other chronic illness.

As of writing, all that is being written about the Russian leader are based on rumors and speculations.