Brad Pitt isn’t allegedly feeling like his old self and Angelina Jolie is to blame.

In its June 13 issue, Us Weekly claimed that Pitt has been keeping a low profile because he’s just exhausted. In fact, his friends have been inviting him to hang out but he also rejects their efforts to meet up with him.

A source claimed that Pitt is feeling down in the dumps, especially in recent months. After all, he recently realized that he might never see his kids again.

“The war with Angelina has sucked so much joy and energy out of Brad. He’s extremely down about it. Occasionally, he’ll hang out at his art studio, but for the most part, he’s been living an extremely solitary life,” the source said.

The source added that Pitt couldn’t help but be depressed after learning that all his kids sided with Jolie amid their ongoing custody battle. Years ago, Maddox was the only one who was on Jolie’s side.

“Maddox stopped wanting anything to do with Brad a long time ago and Pax soon followed suit. Zahara doesn’t hate him, but the word is that he doesn’t make much time for him and he has to beg to see the twins and Shiloh,” the source said.

And since Pitt has been secluding himself from anyone, it has also been very difficult for him to find love. According to the source, the actor has been on a few dates but nothing progressed into anything serious.

“Right now, Brad wants to chill on his own terms. He’s healing in his own way – out of sight and under the radar,” the source said.

Earlier this week, sources also revealed that Pitt is fuming at Jolie. After all, he thinks that his ex-wife sought to inflict harm when she decided to sell her shares of Chateau Miraval without his knowledge.

In his court filing, Pitt also said that the person Jolie sold her shares to has made it his goal to take over the winery. And this is the last thing that Pitt wants to happen because he’s reportedly the one who built the company from scratch and Jolie just benefited from the income.

As of late, Jolie has not responded to Pitt’s latest allegations. But this shows that the exes’ feud won’t end anytime soon.